About E.M thrusters orbital tests

  Dear readers, today I would like to propose you another selection of Laureti’s comments about the rising awareness -by other scientists- that EmDrive might not work by recoiling on quantum substrates, (that is, for now , the most accepted hypothesis even if it’s basically science fiction) as they shyly start to mention the fact […]

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F242 – The game changer

Have we found the sail for the sea above our own? Dear readers¬†today news are exciting! I’m reporting an excerpt from¬†the description of PNN prototype Fert242 written by Emidio Laureti. The post is long but I kindly invite¬†you to take your time and read it until the end, because it describes the¬†physical¬†behavior of PNN like […]

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The bet

Can this scenery be just one year away? Since its online debut ASPS has beckoned a lot of detractors. After the umpteenth provocation, on February 16th 2012 Emidio Laureti decided to place a bet with them: If PNN,¬†from now to 5 years, won’t be able to: transport in a single mission to Mars in less […]

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