Little Cart test on Kern scale – January 22nd 2019

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Now let’s get back to PNN news: Laureti recently released a video about a thrust test on the Kern scale:



The video shows the lightening of the prototype Little Cart during its operation, as one can see on the display of the Kern scale which is transmitted to a computer via optical fiber (the test setup is explained here). In its resting state the prototype (bridge + thruster + yoke) weighs 3197.17 grams but it reaches 3196.93 grams after 62 seconds of functioning in upward thrust state (SA). The mass loss of 240 milligrams is actually the decrease of Virtual Mechanical Energy.

As it happened in previous tests, the non-Newtonian acceleration continues after the engine has been switched off at 63 seconds. Laureti writes about this phenomenon: it seems to have changed its physical state in an environment that is totally newtonian …. We need to wait longer because the whole system remaining in OFF state returns Newtonian.

Everything shows that with PNN all three principles of Newtonian dynamics change.

While I was watching the video, I noticed that the weight decrement isn’t steady but it’s a forth and back movement, let’s say two steps of decrease and one step of increase. I got curious and I asked Laureti if the behavior was due to instrumental errors or to PNN operating cycle. This is his reply:

The system with the hung Little Cart is developed in length for about 1 meter. Now despite I do the tests in closed environment and without movements of mine I’m in a 5 stories building whose vibrations, although minimal,I can’t cancel. This is how things are: the more the prototype is tall, the more it’s affected by minimal vibrations.. and I’ve seen this in other tests too. Plus if the thrust has an angle that is not zero in relation with the vertical (a highly probable thing)… it’s the thrust itself that generates the minimal oscillations of the whole structure. Therefore everything should be done even better… but my work time and means are what they are. You can’t imagine the time I lose to prepare a test on the scale and keep into account the dozens of hindrances that could compromise the test… I could write a book about it if only there was a secretariat that collected all the details I have to verify continuously… since that while I work I can’t write them down!

However, at this point, Laureti is confident that the mass loss phenomenon in PNN is the key for mankind to circumvent the relativistic constraint of mass increment with increasing speed, that is, the required energy to surpass the speed of light is no longer infinite (Laureti’s hypothesis can be found here and here).

Of course it won’t be that easy and lithium batteries surely aren’t enough: there’s the need for something more “spicy”, like a nuclear reactor: ,

Then, with huge amounts of energy and a lower impedance we, as humanity, could build a spaceship that can take us to Earth-like worlds that are light years away, like in Wolf 1061 system for example. At that point, we would have a real sci-fi spaceship: if with current technology we could maybe send a “dead body” (any rocket can only fire for a limited amount of time, then the ship travels only by its inertia) toward a single destination with a one-way ticket due to Newtonian physics constraints, with PNN we could reuse the same spaceship to explore different star systems, maybe moments after we had a close look at Wolf 1061 c!







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