The shadow of the black hole

As you already know, all around the world there’s a great talking about the presentation of the first picture of a black hole ever taken. Personally, the image is exactly what I expected. Some days ago I had a discussion with some friends of mine about the upcoming announcement and in that occasion I stated […]

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Dear readers, it has been a while since I wrote my last post but I’ve been quite busy and there haven’t been any news about ASPS work (or better: there is an interesting one but it’s Laureti’s wish to not talk about it, at the moment). So, while we wait more interesting updates, I would […]

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Discount space exploration

  This is the first time I read something like this in space exploration history: according to the Italian newspaper Repubblica there is a controversy ongoing between Italian Space Agency (ASI) and ESA. Italian Agency accuses ESA to have subcontracted Schiaparelli landing system tests to Astra, a Romanian space company without the skills required for […]

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