Discount space exploration

  This is the first time I read something like this in space exploration history: according to the Italian newspaper Repubblica there is a controversy ongoing between Italian Space Agency (ASI) and ESA. Italian Agency accuses ESA to have subcontracted Schiaparelli landing system tests to Astra, a Romanian space company without the skills required for […]

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Pluto historical encounter

Pluto has surprised scientists: its smooth surface reveals geological activity Just a quick post. Yesterday New Horizons probe has reached Pluto after a nine years long journey of 5 billions Kilometers, a distance so gigantic that light takes more than 4 hours to cover it. This is the first close encounter with the planet for a man-made object. […]

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The limit of modern astronautics

Since the very beginning of its activity ASPS believed that the conventional astronautics cannot lead mankind through the stars, for a simple reason: the concept at the base of modern rocketry, to expell mass in order to obtain thrust, is barely exploitable for “rolling around” our planet, let alone conquering Mars or even set a permanent base on […]

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