The bet

Can this scenery be just one year away? Since its online debut ASPS has beckoned a lot of detractors. After the umpteenth provocation, on February 16th 2012 Emidio Laureti decided to place a bet with them: If PNN, from now to 5 years, won’t be able to: transport in a single mission to Mars in less […]

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Black holes and gravitational waves – Part III

A representation of gravitational waves To conclude black holes and gravitational waves trilogy, I propose A.Loinger’s considerations about gravitational waves: A.Loinger: The case of gravitational waves is more subtle (in comparison with black holes – E.N). Until Einstein’s death, the great majority of physicists, Einstein included, had well grounded doubts about a real physical existence […]

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Black holes and gravitational waves – Part II

A friendly conversation between popular physicist A.Einstein and A.Eddington, astrophysicist. Probably it never involved black holes existence.. In part I we’ve read Laureti’s informal opinion about an article that clearly demonstrates what happens when speculation gets out of hand. In this part we’ll cover an interesting excerpt by professor Angelo Loinger (University of Milan) about black holes. A.Loinger: None, I […]

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Black holes and gravitational waves – Part I

Black holes: inspiring theoretical constructs for sci-fi writers or real space monsters? Yesterday, February 11th 2016, the rumors about an experimental evidence of the existence of gravitational waves, usually considered part of Einstein’s Theory of relativity, have been officialized. Long story short, on September 2015 Californian interferometer LIGO has detected the gravitational phenomenon, caused by the collision of two massive black […]

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The elusive displacement current

In 19th century Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell laid the foundations for modern electromagnetism theory by grouping in a single theory all the previous observations, experiments and equations attributable to such phenomenon. It demonstrates that light, electricity and magnetism are all manifestations of a single phenomenon: the electromagnetic field. Maxwell summarized Michael Faraday’s and Andre-Marie Ampere’s […]

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Meanwhile, at NASA laboratories…

NASA’s concept for a warp drive equipped spaceship, the IXS Enterprise. Unfortunately for the moment it’s just daydreaming.  In this post let’s leave ASPS at its researches and have a look at the most famous space agency of the planet: what is it doing for reaching the stars? Well,  it’s watching Star Trek… In this famous […]

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