New videos of Little Cart

Little Cart (bridge + F432 thruster). Chair for scale 🙂

Dear readers,

Laureti recently released 4 new videos on his webpage that show the experimental setup used to test Little Cart and how the index laser is used to show the movement of the prototype hung on the rocker arm.

Here’s the 4 videos with English subtitles:

Testing structure:

Preparation of the prototype F432 on ballistic pendulum:

F432 thruster – ignition and accumulation of EMV:

F432 thruster – accumulated MEV:


About the test shown in the latest two videos, I quote Laureti words:

The test ( 28 seconds ON) is very important because it was done in the presence and collaboration of our technician Rinaldo who had been entrusted with the remote control to maneuver and at the beginning he also maneuvered badly. In the sense that in order to keep the prototype in ON state the button must always be kept pressed while simultaneously pointing the photocell on the prototype. This test demonstrates two things: the first that is violated the III of Newton and then also that the second law of dynamics is no longer the same in the sense that the thrust increases with the passage of time so much so that in the end the index on the iris goes out of scale. For II of Newton the thrust should be constant with constant energy delivered … while in our case it increases with the passage of time.After 28 seconds the thrust was of 1.38 grams

The test shows that once the power supply has ceased (OFF status), the index does not immediately return to the initial position, that is the prototype has an accelerated inertia law that does not coincide with the Newtonian one. The system seems to have its own Virtual Mechanical Energy which is slowly dissipated. In the longer tests on the kern scale it is seen that at the same time there is also a reduction in mass of the prototype which is added to the thrust force. By considering also the preparation time the tests on the scale last about an hour and require additional info to understand all the details.
The values are transmitted via optical fiber to a computer display.

One thing seems certain and provable experimentally with the F432 prototype also in a closed box: with the PNN all 3 Newton’s laws change. In fact it is mathematically and physically impossible that only one can change, that is the principle of action and reaction.




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