Some updates about Little Cart tests

F432, the PNN engine of Little Cart

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a short but interesting post.

Over the last months ASPS carried on further experimental tests to confirm the violation of Newton III by their flagship prototype nicknamed Little Cart. Laureti is at this point confident that his thruster not only violates the third principle of dynamics but it also shows another astonishing effect: the loss of mass during its functioning, even after the power has been switched off.

ASPS set up a testing device specifically designed to detect thrust and to lower the risk of experimental errors. The device is basically a scaled up version of the rocker arm of a remote-controlled precision scale.

In particular, this scale can show two events:

  1. the violation of action-reaction principle by F432 (engine of Little Cart)
  2. the law of accelerated inertia for F432 when it’s in off state

Here’s a gallery of the test setup (click on the image to enlarge):

Laureti reiterated that PNN is the key for interstellar travel, as the violation of Newton’s Third and the lightening phenomenon can circumvent the limits imposed by general relativity to the human exploration of space.

Source (in Italian):

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