Patent Granted

Dear readers,

It has been a while since the last update, but the work on PNN never stopped. In fact, an European Patent for PNN has been granted. In the opening picture you can see a letter from the patent consulting office who followed and redacted on behalf of ASPS the patent request to European Patent Office (EPO). It is a formal notice to inform ASPS that the Examiner at EPO acknowledged PNN as a new and original invention with industrial feasibility.

In the picture below, the receipt of electronic submission of PNN thruster to PCT (International patent system) sent by UIBM (the Italian patent office):

Therefore from now on ASPS will focus on the construction and the commercialization of working thrusters (F432 class, the same used in PNN Roadshow on October 2020).

It is important to underline that in the commercialization of PNN there is the assumption that a prototype of F432 will not be offered for sale without first offering to the purchasing counterpart experimental demonstrations of its thrust and its industrial feasibility.
The buyer is required to submit to the experimental demonstration of PNN by ASPS and other – very decisive – experimental details related to its implementation.
Ignoring those details and/or giving your own subjective and/or artistic touch to the PNN leads to its NON-functioning.

If you’re interested in buying a PNN prototype you’re first invited to book a private demonstration and to attend this unavoidable experimental phase: the verification of PNN reactionless thrust.

Therefore prior to purchasing, you’re invited to contact ASPS at:

3 thoughts on “Patent Granted

  1. OK, Sergio
    Da marzo 2022 Ho iniziato la procedura di estensione all’estero del brevetto attraverso la società SRL di consulenza di brevetti … che pure in Italia ha i suoi tempi di pubblicazione

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