Unexpected malfunction


Dear readers,

it has been a while since my last post because I’ve been a bit busy lately but today I would like to resume the blog activity with a rapid update directly from ASPS.

Unfortunately there have been some technical problems with F242 thruster or, to be more specific, in the connection with the ballistic pendulum. On these pages I described the main problems in electromagnetic propulsion which are the huge amount of required current and the massive electromagnetic field, both strong enough to fry the equipment. The last “fallen on the battlefield” is a small component called rotary joint that in ASPS setup is used to convey power to the thruster while on the ballistic pendulum; the Association had some difficulties to find a replacement because the joints normally available online or in the stores nearby home don’t meet their specifications or those who produce the right ones only accept very large orders.



Fig.1: a rotary joint – the image is only for example, this particular connector isn’t suitable for PNN

A rotary joint suitable for F242 must grant an optimal power transfer in UHF with an input power around 200W, a low rotational friction and a low phase interference. Fortunately ASPS has found a replacement in June and now is waiting for the delivery.

This problem,together with some schedule problems in organizing a meeting with a potential investor, has slowed down the Association agenda but nothing is lost and ASPS (Laureti) will try again soon.

Let’s cross the fingers for some good news!

One thought on “Unexpected malfunction

  1. ASPS said it was in advanced design stage of pnn (2005), but the implementation seems problematic. I would like to point out that if materials are the problem you need to hire a materials specialist, or allow me to help asps.


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