Dear readers,

I sadly inform you that PNN testing lab was almost above the epicenter of the earthquake (6.0 magnitude) that hit central Italy on August 24th.

I’ve sent an email to ASPS but no replies by Laureti so far. I don’t know neither if ASPS members are safe nor if the lab is still usable but I’ll keep you updated.

For the moment I didn’t read any name related to ASPS among the casualties and I hope that damages, if present, are limited to things instead of people.

If someone from ASPS is reading this blog please write some updates in the comment section, thanks.

UPDATE August 30th 2016:

Laureti commented the article stating he’s fine. I report the translated reply for non Italian readers:

The ASPS-Calmagorod laboratory located in one of the 71 villages of Amatrice is currently unreachable.
It is impossible to assess the damage at the moment.
Fortunately I was elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. Il laboratorio asps-calmagorod in una delle 71 frazioni di amatrice è attualmente irraggiungibile.
    Impossibile ora valutare i danni.
    Per fortuna ero altrove.


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