A quick update on ASPS activities

Dear readers, since the last post there has been little news about PNN mainly due to a series of simultaneous events that slowed down the research, included some personal matters of Laureti. In the near future however there could be new developments, especially in the quest for financing, but for the moment the only news that is avaliable to the public is this post from emdrive-forum:

In Nova Astronautica n.161 Vol.39 July-August-September 2019

There are two photos  (on a computer) of the weight variation (upward thrust) of a PNN prototype on a scale.

As I could verify in other previous tests, it seems that its law of motion violates the II principle of dynamics, contextually violating the principle of action and reaction. The thrust seems to be increasing with the increase of time

and go from 360 milligrams to 1400 milligrams in about 4 seconds.

The event seems non-linear. Needless to say, the law of inertia also changes. As mentioned above, changing the laws of Newtonian motion with PNN is essential to have the possibility of interstellar flight.

I reserve the right to check everything again with other tests and with other materials when we have the opportunity to obtain a loan to work better.

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