Wanderers – A glimpse of the wonders that are awaiting us

An hypothetical view from an airship above Saturn clouds

Today I ran across a short movie by Erik Wernquist called Wanderers and I liked it so much that I felt the urge to share it on this blog. I think it’s something that any space enthusiast should watch at least once.

In my opinion the director has been able to pour and to blend into the images the feelings of those who love to walk while gazing at the starry sky, wondering how human life would be on other worlds. It is both touching and exhilarating to see human figures in places that we’re used to see so desolate and lifeless through the pictures from probes and telescopes. Of course it’s not the first time that science fiction shows men on other planets but in this movie it looks terribly real, it makes you almost believe it’s already happening.

The landscapes are breathtaking and if you’re not careful enough you might forget you’re watching a sci-fi movie and not a documentary: this visual art combined with scientific accuracy is something that should be taught as Lesson #1 in “sci-fi movies director” class.

Personally I think this movie masterfully reminds us the reason why we have to develop an effective electromagnetic propulsion system: it’s the only way we’ll ever be able to scatter across the solar system and hopefully beyond.

Below you find the movie, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. I suggest you to watch it in HD and with a good pair of headphones:

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