ASPS position on Displacement current


This post is the conclusion of the brief history of ASPS written by Laureti for NASA spaceflight forum. Here he clarifies the Association point of view regarding the existence of the Displacement current.


With a few other physicists I’m fighting for years a battle about the nonexistence of the displacement current. Nonexistence in which many physicists from the past have believed as it lacks any measurement of its fatal magnetic field.


One can read in the abstract:
Physics literature on the displacement current from Maxwell to the present day is reviewed with the intention of clarifying the concept. Two major traditions of interpretation are identified, one deriving from Maxwell which maintains that the displacement current is electromagnetically equivalent to an electric current and one deriving from Lorentz which denies that there is any displacement current. The article attempts to resolve various outstanding ambiguities and it concludes with an assessment of the present status of both traditions of interpretation. The appropriateness or otherwise of introducing the concept of a ‘displacement current ‘ to undergraduates is also discussed briefly. 1. The controversy Maxwell’s displacement current, first introduced in 1862, has been the subject of both admiration and controversy for more than a century. To-day, important questions still remain unresolved, most notably whether or not it represents an electric current in some real sense, whether it produces a magnetic field and whether or not all currents are closed–all closely related issues. Why does the controversy continue? Not, I believe, because of unrecognized physical principles, or because of insufficient conceptual effort by physicists. …………..

and there is also a certain H.A.Lorentz(Nobel prize), who denied any physical consistency to the fatal magnetic field by displacement current.
In addition to the never remembered enough contradiction that Maxwell, as known, introduced the “displacement current” because he believed the ether existed. From:
Ether is given as nonexistent … but the displacement current as formally existent :-).

So denying the orthodoxy any will to make a measurement (in the far field, not the near, of the fatal magnetic field of displacement current) I offered a pnn propulsion system that worked with it.

Probably they’ve already gone to Mars with it without my knowing. 🙂

What is described at is written on purpose for physics orthodoxy which does not want to take note since CENTURIES that in that field Maxwell’s equations are wrong and that in free space only the electrical component propagates, not the so-called electromagnetic wave.

But I wrote that site mainly for a la Japanese PNN cheaters! In the sense that I want to decide what they have to copy and I also filed a patent to make the bait more tempting.

I have written several times about this Nova Astronautica for many years… and I can’t report everything now. Also if you want the issue to me is in these terms FORMAL:

If one day the official physics will recognize that the displacement current and its magnetic field does not exist I’ll say that what is described at (read: PNN CAPACITORS THRUSTER) IS WRONG.

If they won’t recognize its nonexistence, should read that Maxwell’s equations must be rewritten, I’ll always say that what is in the site is the PNN thrust procedure.

Since Calmagorod is online no orthodox physicist told me that the above description is wrong, because if they did they should say that Maxwell’s equations are wrong!

I know in experimental way that the displacement current is an hallucination that is massacring electrodynamics since centuries and makes derail the real physical perception of the electrodynamic field. PNN is another thing and it works just because through it I managed to avoid Maxwell’s interpretive and experimental disasters (Maxwell was a mathematician, not a physicist) regarding the real propagation procedure of the electrodynamic field.

At this point I’m asking myself: “If ASPS position on Displacement current will turn out to be true, then what if Maxwell never formulated his theory?” “How much different our scientific progress could have been?”  Maybe electromagnetic propulsion would have been discovered even before rocketry! Those of course are questions without an answer, nevertheless I think they would make a fascinating subject for an uchronic scifi novel.

Unfortunately all the informations released by ASPS on Calmagorod don’t actually allow the replication of PNN effect. They’re an adjustment of the principle behind propellantless propulsion in order to comply with the known laws of physic but this way it will never work. As I already stated, we must wait for public disclosure.

After that, if everything goes the right way, I believe that the “waste of time” issue due to displacement current will become terrifically relevant: just think that maybe today we would already have had bases on our Moon and Mars if not beyond!

2 thoughts on “ASPS position on Displacement current

    1. Yes, Displacement Current does not exist. When we consider a Capacitor to be modeled as a Transmission Line, we can clearly understand that as energy enters the parallel plates it propagates as a TEM wave and the measured current for a time varying signal is because the H field moving left to right is different to that moving from right to left in any instance. Hence a current is observed which is the result of the changing H field not the cause of it.


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