Welcome to Neo Leges Motus


Dear reader,

I decided to start this site because I’m very interested in the research and the development of PNN (Non Newtonian Propulsion) system  invented by Emidio Laureti and his ASPS (Association for Space Propulsion Development). I stumbled upon ASPS pages back to the early days of Internet in 1998, while searching for space exploration news. Since then I’m following the PNN saga, waiting (not so) patiently for the final chapter.

Therefore I’ve decided to collect, order and share with everyone as curious as me all the material scattered around the Internet about this exotic propulsion system.

The name of this site is in latin and means “New Laws of Motion”, paraphrasing a Laureti’s usenet post titled Axiomata sive pnn leges motus.

This is an unofficial page, so in any way I’m related to ASPS nor Laureti. Everything you will find here is free material released online by ASPS. Even if you’ll find some formulas and concept here I’m not a physicist , just a curios, so please be kind to any imprecision.

Stay tuned for next post,


Welcome visitor, please share your thoughts. English is better but Italian is accepted. If you want to learn more about ASPS please have a look at the blog menu

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