F432 – Second Variant

Over the last months, ASPS created two new variants of its flagship thruster F432, always with the aim of improving the thrust output and the overall efficiency. The First Variant is what one can call a “dual core” engine, since it’s made of twin thruster units. Unfortunately, the e.m fields emitted by the two units […]

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F432 Roadshow

On March 5th ASPS held a demonstration of PNN thruster F432 specifically made for a private enterprise. The parts signed an observation protocol written on the basis of ASPS assessment procedure. It’s important to underline that they haven’t signed a collaboration contract for the industrial development of PNN, but they “just” shared a set of […]

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F242 is operative again

Dear readers, Here is an update about F242 written by Laureti in the latest issue of ASPS official periodical Nova Astronautica: The PNN prototype F242 is operative again. I’ve tested it several times in late 2016 and that’s why there is a consistently delay in the publication of Nova Astronautica issue n.150. Practically I’ve had to […]

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F242 – The game changer

Have we found the sail for the sea above our own? Dear readers today news are exciting! I’m reporting an excerpt from the description of PNN prototype Fert242 written by Emidio Laureti. The post is long but I kindly invite you to take your time and read it until the end, because it describes the physical behavior of PNN like […]

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The struggle for financing -part II

After the failure of negotiations with Alenia, ASPS was in a stall situation. The problem they had to face was to convince a potential investor without revealing the know-how of PNN, clearly their biggest strength to negotiate with big industries. They solved the problem by writing an assessment procedure (valid up to August 2008) that […]

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