The shadow of the black hole

As you already know, all around the world there’s a great talking about the presentation of the first picture of a black hole ever taken. Personally, the image is exactly what I expected. Some days ago I had a discussion with some friends of mine about the upcoming announcement and in that occasion I stated […]

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Black holes and gravitational waves – Part III

A representation of gravitational waves To conclude black holes and gravitational waves trilogy, I propose A.Loinger’s considerations about gravitational waves: A.Loinger: The case of gravitational waves is more subtle (in comparison with black holes – E.N). Until Einstein’s death, the great majority of physicists, Einstein included, had well grounded doubts about a real physical existence […]

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Black holes and gravitational waves – Part I

Black holes: inspiring theoretical constructs for sci-fi writers or real space monsters? Yesterday, February 11th 2016, the rumors about an experimental evidence of the existence of gravitational waves, usually considered part of Einstein’s Theory of relativity, have been officialized. Long story short, on September 2015 Californian interferometer LIGO has detected the gravitational phenomenon, caused by the collision of two massive black […]

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