The bet


Can this scenery be just one year away?

Since its online debut ASPS has beckoned a lot of detractors. After the umpteenth provocation, on February 16th 2012 Emidio Laureti decided to place a bet with them:

If PNN, from now to 5 years, won’t be able to:

  • transport in a single mission to Mars
  • in less than a week
  • 10 astronauts and 1000 tons of materials,
  • at a cost of less than 1/100 of Apollo lunar project, with a permanence of at least 3 months will be a failure.


Laureti comments the bet this way:

The only way to find money for a journey which is at least 1000 times more complex and expensive than that of Christopher Columbus is unfortunately to yield/delegate/share the know-how in 2017.

At that point everyone will do his own businesses with PNN know-how. For example a nice anti-nuclear rockets weapon system in order to shoot them down as soon as they depart, or a surprise atomic attack before the “without-PNN” can launch any rocket or alarm.. If Lex Lutor existed maybe I could do business with him 🙂

Nasa has everything (above all nuclear reactors for electrical energy).. If I tell them the know-how let’s say in May 2017, maybe we could make it to organize the expedition in 3 months.

Maybe if they’ll do it in May 2019 you [detractors] will be happy: Laureti has failed, Mars has been conquered in 2019 instead of 2017; then you won’t deny me red letters announces on Usenet like: “LAURETI MISSED MARS LANDING DATE!!”

Who knows, I might give the know-how to Russian and Chinese first.. an healty competition could put fire on everyone tails.. However, Mars will come later: first they’ll take what is closer (the Moon). Anyway whatever happens to pnn after it’s delivered won’t be of E.Laureti competence anymore.

Now I’ve got full confirmation that for a Mars program each one wants first to poke his nose into know-how.. so, in order to have the best advertising impact, we could just announce to communicate it  and/or, worse, tell it to everyone but at different times..

You might ask me why I’m not going to tell it it now. The answer is:because I have to complete my research program and I like the freedom before being “potentially” conditioned, muted or worse. Almost nobody believes to PNN, so I can conduct my tests at ASPS Calmagorod with nobody disturbing.


I’ll create a webpage [in Italian] with everything I’ve just said, so I can redirect there the first one who starts to annoy me with ASPS Mars expedition topic.


What do you think?

Will humans walk on Mars just one year from now? Is the future really so close?

Well, time is ticking and 2017 is just around the corner!  The waiting won’t be long.. 🙂

If you want to check the deadline, at this page you can find the official timer (made by one of the bettors)

Stay tuned!



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