Small rumor, big news!

During an online discussion with an employee of an Italian aerospace company specialized in the electric propulsion field, Laureti revealed that ASPS has realized a prototype called Fert242 that will run, or better, that will thrust, against EmDrive in the race for the Holy Grail of propulsion.

From the discussion emerges ASPS’s will to make its public debut on the propellantless propulsion scene. In fact Laureti announced that the prototype has been delivered, in mid-November, to the department who will prepare the device for public tests which, it seems, might be held in a matter of months.

Let’s have a look at F242 performances:

  • Thrust: 600uN (with a tolerance of +- 100uN)
  • Input power 150W (the prototype is depowered for safety reasons)

If we compare them with those of EmDrive:

  • Thrust: 20uN
  • Input power: 700W

We deduce at a rough guess that F242:

  • is about 30 times more efficient
  • consumes less: 150W against 700W

Also, ASPS’s thruster is 10 times lighter than EmDrive.

Laureti specified that of the 150W of input power, only 5W are actually converted in thrust. The rest in fact is dissipated in SWR, the PNN nemesis (here you can read more about the problem).

Despite this issue, and although the fact that F242 is a depowered version of previous ASPS prototypes, this little thruster still has all the numbers to beat EmDrive!
I wonder what an ASPS engine could become once that SWR problem will be solved..

But there is more..

The company appears to be more than a simple interlocutor in this rumor: in fact Laureti suggested them to evaluate, after a market analysis, if they may be able to sell a commercial version of F242 by 2017!

Last but not least, the company has its own vacuum chambers for testing ion thrusters, so they could (independently) test ASPS’s engine as well!

Edit 11/30/15: the interlocutor commented on this blog clarifying the position of his company. You can read it in the comment section.

Then, Laureti restated that he’s not worried by NASA and EmDrive competition, because they know nothing about the physics that regulates propellantless propulsion as they’re still messing around with abstruse theories like “quantum virtual plasma”.


Thus stay tuned, things are getting interesting!

12 thoughts on “Small rumor, big news!

  1. Hi, guys. I am the “Employee”. Please, REMOVE all reference to the Company from the message above.
    Data are from a PRIVATE mail exchange, and since we did NOT tested anything so far, I do not want people think we blindly endorse the technology.
    If Mr. Laureti agrees on prices and conditions, we will test his thruster, give him the results and do nothing else. Exception, of course, if he says “White” when the test said “Black”, but I guess this would not be the case.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    1. Hi Barney,
      sorry for the inconvenience. I removed the company name from the post, although I’m pretty sure I’ve already read it in ASPS related posts before.
      I wrote you “could” use the vacuum chambers to test the device, not that you’ve already done that but obviously if you feel the need add a clarification your comment is welcome.


      1. If you want to know it, drop me an email, no problem in telling you who I am, especially if you tell me who YOU are, in exchange.
        It is understood those email will remain confidential, obviously.



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